Build an Above Ground Pond with Pavestone

by Pavestone on April 27, 2010

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Build an above ground pond using rigid liner and Pavestone on a deck

TotalPond and Pavestone above ground pond Building an above ground pond with Pavestone


• TotalPond 20 gallon rigid liner
• TotalPond 70 gph Fountain Pump
• TotalPond Flexible ½” tubing
• 30-40 Anchor Windsor Stone® Wall Blocks from Pavestone
• TotalPond Nozzle Kit
• Chisel and hammer
• Construction Adhesive

How-to instructions

Choose the Location

  • When choosing the location for your pond, there are both practical and esthetic points to consider. Ensure the pond is visible from many areas whether from a nearby window or an outdoor living area.
  • It’s best to avoid locations directly under trees as falling leaves create debris that can clog the pump therefore upsetting the pond’s biological balance.
  • Access to a GFCI outlet is required.
  • Place the rigid liner in the desired location and mark where the wall blocks should rest. The lip of the Pavestone Windsor Stone® Wall Block serves as a guide and interlock when stacking the wall pieces on top of each other. It is best to place the base course 6” away from the base of the liner.
  • To prepare the base course on a solid surface, the rear “lips” of the block must be removed by striking them with a sledgehammer (approximately ten stones)
Building an above ground pond - remove the rear lips of the block by striking them with a sledgehammer
  • Build the base course of the pond wall
  • Begin building the next tier of the pond wall.  Each block has a “lip” located on the back of the stone.  This lip creates a “lock” effect.  When placing the lip down, make sure it is centered over the gap of the bottom tier.
  • The seams should not line up when creating the second, third and fourth tiers
  • Repeat step three for the third and fourth tiers
  • Using construction adhesive, secure the top row, leaving two stones unglued in the back for the electrical cords
Building an above ground pond with Windsor Stone
  • Fill the rigid liner with water to 2” below the top of the liner
  • Following the included instructions, add fountain nozzle to pump
Building an above ground pond with TotalPond
  • Place pump in the center of the pond
  • Run the cords through the back and cover with the unglued blocks
  • Plug into a GFCI

Special thanks to Melodie Elliott with Sunwest Communications, a Dallas public relations firm, and TotalPond for providing us with this DIY above ground pond project.

If you liked this project, or would like more how-to posts like this, please leave us a comment below on what types of stone projects you would like to see.

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cindy gehlmann August 1, 2011 at 5:28 am

my question is can i put fish in this pond?

Pavestone August 4, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Cindy, that would depend on the kind of plastic you use in the base and the pump inside of it. A pond specialist would be able to tell you more about what is safe for fish.

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