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by Pavestone on September 28, 2010

Hubanks Home - Before Columbus CottageAll to often we get caught up with the everyday struggles in our lives and we forget about the good that can be done and the people that could benefit from us doing that good. Unfortunately, with the state of the economy and just the overall condition of business in general, we don’t tend to look for a way that we can help someone else. With our wallets being tighter we don’t give as much as we have in the past and our eyes and hearts are not open as much to those that could use a helping hand.

A month or so ago I received a call from Jan Pease (Jan Pease Marketing) in which she explained a project that was beginning to start that involved the NeighborWorks Columbus and their Columbus Cottage Program. In short, this is a organization that will take a elderly disadvantaged recipient whose housing is unsatisfactory and build them a new home to live in. This is their third cottage and the recipient this time is Mr. Joseph Hubanks, a retired, two war veteran. Mr. Hubanks is in his 80’s and his home was in terrible condition. I have included a link to the NeighborWorks website about Mr. Hubanks and a video about his home ( ) After watching the video I am sure you will be amazed that he was still there.

We were asked if we would like to join the effort to build Mr. Hubanks new home and provide the landscaping for the home. After making a trip to the site to see the existing house, I did not have any reservations about doing this. In fact, I was actually impressed in what I had seen. Although the home was in terrible condition you could not really tell this from the road side. Mr. Hubanks had enough pride in himself that he still kept his yard up. The property was not overgrown and you could tell that the man was proud of his shrubbery that he had. Even though the walls, floors, and everything else about the home was beyond repair, the yard was still in good shape as to NOT draw attention to the terrible conditions of the home. This spoke highly to me, this showed me a man that had pride in himself, from then on I did not have any reservations about lending a hand. I look forward to giving Mr. Hubanks a yard that he can enjoy.

Hubanks Home - After Columbus CottageAs a veteran myself, I owe Mr. Hubanks for the wars that he has served in. As Americans we owe a lot to those who served before us. Anyone who feels that they would like to help with this cause can contact the program at the above linked website. Anyone that would like to get their hands dirty and help our staff in installing Mr. Hubanks yard can feel free to contact our office or myself. We are tentatively scheduled to do the installation in the middle of September, with further details coming in the next week. Our staff would love to give a hand to anyone that wants to volunteer to help on the installation and perhaps pass a little “Green” knowledge onto you and at the same time help a fellow American.

In the design of the landscape I wanted to keep things fairly simple for maintenance purposes, yet still bring attention to the home. I think this was accomplished and hopefully Mr. Hubanks will be pleased.

I want to take time to thank our vendors who have stepped up with us on this project, because, without them it would not be possible. Some of our clients may even recognize some of these vendors from projects we have done for you.

PAVESTONE – Pavestone has provided us with our hardscape products for several years and has been great in supporting Southern Environmental on our projects, they will be providing the Pavers for the back patio and Rumble Wall block for us to build the surround for the BBQ Grill. I did not draw the BBQ surround details into the plans because this will be a one off design and will not be seen until finally installation. It should be interesting. Pictures will be posted upon completion.

JOHN DEERE LANDSCAPES – John Deere Landscapes has provided us with many plants and landscape materials over the past and is fast becoming our “Go To” vendor for landscaping materials. They will be providing irrigation products from Hunter and plants for the install. (Yes, this is a surprise. We will be irrigating the property to help with longevity and survivability of the landscape). Special thanks to Hunter Irrigation.

A ROCKY PLACE – A Rocky Place is a local bulk materials provider that specializes in stone and dirt products. A Rocky Place provides us with all of the stone aggregate that is used in our retaining walls and paver construction projects. They will be providing fill dirt to help level Mr. Hubanks yard and crush and run aggregate for the base for the paver patio.

WADE WILKERSON NURSERY Wade Wilkerson Nursery is a local tree growing operation who provides Southern Environmental with a lot of the B&B trees that are used on our installs. They will be providing the Crype Myrtles and the Maple that will be planted in Mr. Hubanks yard.

SUNSWEET SOD, LLC – SunSweet Sod is a sod farm that has recently come on board with us to provide the majority of the Tifton Bermuda Sod that we are installing on several projects. SunSweet will be providing the new sod that will be installed in Mr. Hubanks yard.

Thanks to all who have and will be helping us with this project and thanks to NeighborWorks Columbus organization for asking us to be a part of it.

Chad J. Freeborn
NCMA/ICPI Certified Installer
GSWCC Blue Card Holder
Southern Environmental Landscaping Contractors, Inc.

(334) 448-5404 Office

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