Educational Training Program for Paver Contractors is a HIT!

by Pavestone on July 19, 2010

PIHT - Pavestone Institute of Hardscape Technology

Pavestone Institute of Hardscape Technology (PIHT) recently launched 2010′s FREE educational training seminars for paver contractors and distributors, which is designed to help them grow and reinvigorate their hardscape businesses.

We had a total of (15) events scheduled in various cities this year.  We’ve done (3) so far, and all have been very well attended with good feedback coming in from attendees.

Below are some quotes we received at a recent seminar held at the Wyndham Hotel in New Orleans.

Thanks Pavestone:

SteppingStone Pavers would like to thank you for a enjoyable and informative seminar.  Myself, and 2 of our sales representatives attended the full day, along with at least six of our clients.  No one had anything negative to say, even though they had different views as to what was the most important.  Philip, one of my sales reps, really appreciated the advancement of the permeable paver industry and noted the need to more aggressively pursue that market; Preston, my other sales rep, appreciated the need to show personal interest and follow up on prior clients, as brought out in the Human SIGMA segment.  A couple of our installation contractor clients mentioned the need to evaluate the true value of a client, and how much time is spent to pursue a project and whether or not the project is worth pursuing.

I enjoyed the whole experience. Not only was all the information valuable, and the speakers excellent, but the chance to network with all my associates in the paver industry was very beneficial. The content was excellent, and really helped me to regain focus on the industry, not only now, but where it is headed and how to better position myself to take advantage of those trends.  In particular ,the CRM program, which will help me to determine where to put my greatest efforts and resources  in an effort to create a more user  friendly and profitable company.  One point which was particularly useful was how to stop the “leaky bucket” mindset when it comes to customer retention. As of this morning we have already began an aggressive campaign not only to gain new clients but to reconnect with clients that have fallen off our radar screen. I look forward to working with, Eddie Newsom, our Pavestone sales rep in developing and implementing a CRM program for SteppingStone Pavers.

On a side note it was very refreshing for a distributor like myself to hear that Pavestone has a game plan which includes moving to a Distributer based system in our area.


Thank YOU

Charlie Wagner Jr.
SteppingStone Pavers

Another happy PIHT attendee shared his thoughts on the training program.

PIHT is a HIT !!

This is exactly what I needed from PAVESTONE, a true map to success and increased profits in my Hardscape installation business, Thanks, Bobby and Ed!

Pavestone Institute class was a looking glass into the future of MY business.  Now I have more focus on where I need to go!

If  PAVESTONE were a Poker Game; I’m all in !!  Today I saw the future of my relationship with both my customers and my supplier, and I liked it.

Rod Trahan
La Pavers NOLA

If you have not been notified by your Pavestone representative about a PIHT event in your area, please contact them now. We’re looking forward to meeting with you soon.

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