Unsafe concrete at the Columbine Memorial, which memorializes the victims of the April 20th, 1999 shooting at Columbine High School, was to be replaced in October of 2010 as a quick, two-day project. The demolition contractor caused more damage to the memorial site rather than repairing it, turning the two-day project into a two-month event.

Unsafe concrete at the Columbine Memorial in Littleton, CO.


After learning of the situation at the Memorial, Pavestone District Manager Ryan Sawyer facilitated the donation of more than a thousand square feet of Pavestone product, as well as the installation of the pavers.

Ryan shared that the Memorial project would not have been possible without the generosity and willingness of the retail sales team to get the job done so late in the season. When they discovered that the contractor had backed out of the installation they were already in the midst of their busy November schedule. The team worked diligently to get ahead of their obligations and fit the Columbine project into the schedule the week following Thanksgiving to ensure the Memorial was completed and reopened with as little interruption as possible. Ryan was very proud of his group and felt fortunate to be able to work with such a dynamic team. The project wouldn’t have been possible with the help of Frederick Hixson, a Southern Colorado sales rep, Lucas Barry, a Southeast Arizona sales rep, Matt Abbott, a Northern Rocky Mountain sales rep, and Randy Scoles, a Central Colorado sales rep.

Pavestone and Home Depot Volunteers at the Columbine Memorial

The project was completed with the donations and help of Home Depot, Santa Fe Sand & Gravel and Evans Trucking. Volunteers from Pavestone and Home Depot store #1519 finished the installation in late November, ensuring that the space at the Columbine Memorial would be remain not only safe, but beautiful as well.


The permeable, interlocking pavers that Pavestone offers have benefits beyond aesthetics. They make for a beautiful road, yes, but the Civil Engineering group at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Spring, Colorado had several other reasons to select an interlocking, permeable Eco-Priora ™ paver from Pavestone.

The existing asphalt roads at Peterson Air Force Base weren’t able to handle the use that they were being put under. The asphalt roads were flooded throughout the rainy seasons in Colorado, causing damaged pavement and inconveniences for the Base. The roads needed to be replaced, but in a way that would be sustainable and at a cost that was justifiable.

Pavestone construction at Peterson Air Force Base

Pavestone construction at Peterson Air Force Base

Pavestone’s Eco-Priora ™ was selected for half a dozen reasons beyond its eye-catching appeal:

  • Durable: Paver roads can outlast a standard asphalt road by two or three life cycles.
  • Flexible: Pavers allow movement during the freeze and thaw cycle without damage to the road – important for a snowy climate like Colorado.
  • Maintenance free: Colored paver stones completely eliminate the need to restripe.
  • Repair friendly: Individual pavers can be removed and replaced for underground work.
  • Environmentally friendly: Additional stormwater storage was provided.
  • Compliant: Met the EPA and Department of Defense mandates to reduce runoff.


The finished product at Peterson Air Force Base

Plans have already been made to use the permeable, interlocking Eco-Priora ™ Pavestone products in future projects on the Base.


Retaining Wall Weekend Project

by Pavestone on November 4, 2010

Retaining Wall Install Weekend ProjectBelow are simple instructions for building a retaining wall for your next weekend project. This is a great DIY project that will add value to your property and help beautify your landscape. Choose your stones from Pavestone’s selection of retaining wall products on our website.

Tools needed for installing Retaining Walls:

  • Shovel & Spade
  • String Line
  • Paver Edge Restraint
  • Landscape Spikes
  • Gloves & Safety Glasses
  • Hand Tamper
  • Paver Sand
  • Carpenters Level
  • Tape Measure

SRetaining Wall Installation - Step-1TEP 1: Site Preparation and Excavation.

Stake out the area where the wall will be installed. Dig a trench 12″ wide and 4″ deep.

Retaining Wall Installation - Step-2

STEP 2: Base Preparation.

Tamp soil in trench to create a ridged surface. Add 1″ of leveling sand to the bottom of the trench.

Retaining Wall Installation - Step - 3

STEP 3: Leveling and Laying Stones.

Lay stones sid by side and check for level. Stack additional courses with the bond staggered on the course below.

Retaining Wall Installation - Step - 4

STEP 4: Use a hammer and a mason’s chisel to score the stone on all sides except the face.

Pound the chisel on the score line until it breaks.

You can view and printout the Retaining Wall Project Worksheet here to assist in determining the square footage of retaining wall blocks needed for your project.

If you decide to install a retaining wall in your yard, please email us the pictures so we can display them on our blog.


Sales Rep of the Month – September

by Pavestone on October 20, 2010

Matt Blakeley – September 2010

Matt Blakeley - Sales Rep of the Month

Matt Blakeley - Sales Rep of the Month - September 2010

Pavestone is very pleased to announce Matt Blakeley as the September Sales Rep of the Month.  Below is an excerpt from an email that was received from Brian Webber, the Operations Assistant Store Manager at Home Depot store # 707, that demonstrates the level of dedication and effort put forth by Matt that has earned him this recognition.

“I wanted to take a minute and ask for your assistance in specifically recognizing your employee Matt Blakely.  Over the last 6 months, Matt has given me and Team Depot and incredible amount of assistance in vision, design and labor.  Without his assistance this project would not have been possible.  He has been with us since day one and leant his expertise in doing the site walk.  He took a rough idea that I had in my head and was able to take my loose collection of thoughts and sketches and put them to an actual engineered design.  He spent many hours measuring, computing as well as making calls to the city and planners to get engineering designs for the site.  He was able to secure product and the assistance of your associates.  This really gave the project a professional finish and has truly impressed everybody that has gone into the memorial garden.

Matt has truly made a difference not only to a grieving family but to a whole community.  Murfreesboro and the Blackman Community have been grieving for the last year from the unfortunate lose of one of their own.  Russell Hercules, Jr. passed October 1, 2009 during an insurgent attack while he was on patrol in Afghanistan.  He was a member of the Pathfinder Company 4th BN of the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell.  The efforts put forth over last few months by Matt and Pavestone have done unimaginable amounts of healing for both a grieving family and a community as a whole.

Matt has far surpassed any level of dedication that I would expect in any vendor representative.  I know he has also been doing this with a heavy heart dealing with the recent loss of his own brother while on active duty.  Being faced with this and being able to give what he has, shows us that we have not only a great partnership but a true friendship.”

~Ted Woods, Cape Girardeau DM


SPC Russell S. Hercules Jr. Memorial Garden

SPC Russell S. Hercules Jr. Memorial Garden


Bethel Foundation Gets Hearts and Stones

by Pavestone on October 7, 2010

Through their Hearts and Stones program the Dallas, TX based, Pavestone Company along with The Home Depot, donated the labor and materials to install a planter at the Bethel Foundation. Volunteers from Pavestone Company and The Home Depot installed the popular Windsor retaining wall blocks to create a heart shaped planter earlier this week in Oklahoma City, OK.

The Bethel Foundation reaches out to one single mom at a time — giving a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel by providing team support with mentoring, rehabilitation and quality housing. Bethel takes pride in helping mothers get on their feet! Lynda Powell, founder of the Bethel Foundation, was a struggling single mother who saw the need for the resources Bethel provides to the community.

Check out the work in progress pictures

Pavestone Company has manufactured segmental concrete products for the commercial, residential, contractor, industrial and retail consumer markets since 1980. Dedicated to the production of the concrete pavers and retaining wall units, our business principle is to be driven not only by technology in manufacturing, but also in the development of segmental paving and retaining wall systems. With 20 regional manufacturing locations, distributing to over 40 states, Pavestone Company continues to set the standards for service to the buyer, specifier and contractor. With over 250 million dollars in state-of-the art manufacturing equipment, Pavestone Company provides the quality that sets the standard for its competitors and industry. The depth of selection in shape, color and texture, continue to place Pavestone as the leader of the industry!

The Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer with stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, 10 Canadian provinces, Mexico and China.

Let us know if you come across any interesting and unique planters made from retaining walls or pavers.


Columbus Cottage Moving Along Quickly on New Home

by Pavestone on September 28, 2010

Hubanks Home - Before Columbus CottageAll to often we get caught up with the everyday struggles in our lives and we forget about the good that can be done and the people that could benefit from us doing that good. Unfortunately, with the state of the economy and just the overall condition of business in general, we don’t tend to look for a way that we can help someone else. With our wallets being tighter we don’t give as much as we have in the past and our eyes and hearts are not open as much to those that could use a helping hand.

A month or so ago I received a call from Jan Pease (Jan Pease Marketing) in which she explained a project that was beginning to start that involved the NeighborWorks Columbus and their Columbus Cottage Program. In short, this is a organization that will take a elderly disadvantaged recipient whose housing is unsatisfactory and build them a new home to live in. This is their third cottage and the recipient this time is Mr. Joseph Hubanks, a retired, two war veteran. Mr. Hubanks is in his 80’s and his home was in terrible condition. I have included a link to the NeighborWorks website about Mr. Hubanks and a video about his home (http://www.nwcolumbuscampaign.org/recipients.aspx?id=109 ) After watching the video I am sure you will be amazed that he was still there.

We were asked if we would like to join the effort to build Mr. Hubanks new home and provide the landscaping for the home. After making a trip to the site to see the existing house, I did not have any reservations about doing this. In fact, I was actually impressed in what I had seen. Although the home was in terrible condition you could not really tell this from the road side. Mr. Hubanks had enough pride in himself that he still kept his yard up. The property was not overgrown and you could tell that the man was proud of his shrubbery that he had. Even though the walls, floors, and everything else about the home was beyond repair, the yard was still in good shape as to NOT draw attention to the terrible conditions of the home. This spoke highly to me, this showed me a man that had pride in himself, from then on I did not have any reservations about lending a hand. I look forward to giving Mr. Hubanks a yard that he can enjoy.

Hubanks Home - After Columbus CottageAs a veteran myself, I owe Mr. Hubanks for the wars that he has served in. As Americans we owe a lot to those who served before us. Anyone who feels that they would like to help with this cause can contact the program at the above linked website. Anyone that would like to get their hands dirty and help our staff in installing Mr. Hubanks yard can feel free to contact our office or myself. We are tentatively scheduled to do the installation in the middle of September, with further details coming in the next week. Our staff would love to give a hand to anyone that wants to volunteer to help on the installation and perhaps pass a little “Green” knowledge onto you and at the same time help a fellow American.

In the design of the landscape I wanted to keep things fairly simple for maintenance purposes, yet still bring attention to the home. I think this was accomplished and hopefully Mr. Hubanks will be pleased.

I want to take time to thank our vendors who have stepped up with us on this project, because, without them it would not be possible. Some of our clients may even recognize some of these vendors from projects we have done for you.

PAVESTONE – Pavestone has provided us with our hardscape products for several years and has been great in supporting Southern Environmental on our projects, they will be providing the Pavers for the back patio and Rumble Wall block for us to build the surround for the BBQ Grill. I did not draw the BBQ surround details into the plans because this will be a one off design and will not be seen until finally installation. It should be interesting. Pictures will be posted upon completion.

JOHN DEERE LANDSCAPES – John Deere Landscapes has provided us with many plants and landscape materials over the past and is fast becoming our “Go To” vendor for landscaping materials. They will be providing irrigation products from Hunter and plants for the install. (Yes, this is a surprise. We will be irrigating the property to help with longevity and survivability of the landscape). Special thanks to Hunter Irrigation.

A ROCKY PLACE – A Rocky Place is a local bulk materials provider that specializes in stone and dirt products. A Rocky Place provides us with all of the stone aggregate that is used in our retaining walls and paver construction projects. They will be providing fill dirt to help level Mr. Hubanks yard and crush and run aggregate for the base for the paver patio.

WADE WILKERSON NURSERY Wade Wilkerson Nursery is a local tree growing operation who provides Southern Environmental with a lot of the B&B trees that are used on our installs. They will be providing the Crype Myrtles and the Maple that will be planted in Mr. Hubanks yard.

SUNSWEET SOD, LLC – SunSweet Sod is a sod farm that has recently come on board with us to provide the majority of the Tifton Bermuda Sod that we are installing on several projects. SunSweet will be providing the new sod that will be installed in Mr. Hubanks yard.

Thanks to all who have and will be helping us with this project and thanks to NeighborWorks Columbus organization for asking us to be a part of it.

Chad J. Freeborn
NCMA/ICPI Certified Installer
GSWCC Blue Card Holder
Southern Environmental Landscaping Contractors, Inc.

(334) 448-5404 Office


Knowing When to Quit Your Job

by Pavestone on September 24, 2010

We can across this yesterday and thought it was pretty good. Enjoy!


Lakefront Dreamscape

by Pavestone on September 10, 2010

Lakefront DreamscapeLakefront Dreamscape is my latest article published in Landscape Architect’s September issue.  In the article I showed some great before/after pictures of a lakefront home that turned into a lakefront dreamscape with the help of Krause Landscape Contractors and Paverscapes . What the landscape contractors accomplished on this home was remarkable to say the least.

Take a few minutes to read the article and see what they were able to accomplish with retaining walls, pavers and a real good imagination.

Let us know if you have a project that is worthy of getting published in Landscape Architect or Landscape Contractor magazine, and we’ll see if we can get you the exposure you deserve.


Pavers & Retaining Wall Products

by Pavestone on September 3, 2010

We found this short video displaying the Pavestone Authorized Distributor logo, and wanted to share it. If you’re looking for a distributor of Pavestone pavers, walls, sand or landscaping supplies in the Colorado area, please give Pioneer Sand Company, Inc. a call. They’ll be glad to help you with any of your paving and landscaping needs.


Pavestone Makes the Cover of Landscape Contractor

by Pavestone on September 1, 2010

Landscape Contractor August 2010A recent article that I wrote for Landscape Contractor Magazine made the cover of the August 2010 Issue. Well, an awesome picture of the project made the cover, but I’m still proud that I had the opportunity to cover this story. The article entitled Father & Son Team Uses Interlocking Pavers as Their Canvas is about Jim and Justin Hampton, of Paver Designs, LLC in Omaha, and how they create absolutely beautiful and unique paver designs for their clients using Pavestone pavers and retaining walls.

Jim and Justin have become very skilled at producing intricate patterns that incorporate flowing vines, flowers, and many other visual effects into their paver designs. The article explains how they come up with the ideas and how they approach these unusual projects.

Below are a few pictures of the project that were included in the article, and several others that were not due to space limitations.

Let us know what you think about their designs, or send us pictures of your unique designs and creations.  Maybe we’ll use you in a future magazine article or case study.

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