Pavestone Las Vegas Partners With Boy Scouts for Las Vegas School

by Pavestone on April 12, 2011

Eagle Scout projects are familiar to many, fun for the Scouts, and valuable to communities. When Eagle Scout candidate Jordan Klein was considering the many needs of the City of Las Vegas, he settled on helping Brown Junior High School, a school he had attended 5 years prior.

The parking lot at Las Vegas’s Brown Junior High School features several areas of decorative rock installations. The desert wind of Las Vegas had a tendency of kicking the rocks up out of their planter beds and scattering them across the parking lot. It left the school’s parking areas looking unappealing, introduced safety hazards, and caused the school’s staff to expend time and energy sweeping and replacing the rocks, only to see them fly out with the next gust of wind.

Before the Boy Scouts arrived several pallets of Anchor™ Windsor Stone® Retaining Wall System were waiting for them.

Jordan thought he could solve the problem with some help from Pavestone Las Vegas. Pavestone Las Vegas donated several pallets of Anchor™ Windsor Stone® Retaining Wall System. With the help of his Scout leaders and the other Scouts of Troop 569, Jordan conceptualized and created walls around each of the planter beds. Jordan estimated that the project took about 20 hours to plan and prep, and after 8 hours of labor, the Troop had placed more than 800 square feet of stone. An additional 600 square feet of stone remained and will be used for a future project at Brown Junior High School.

The team got right to work, digging and prepping the area for the Anchor™ Windsor Stone® Retaining Wall System.

Hard at work, the Troop even added landscaping.

Not only does the Anchor™ Windsor Stone® Retaining Wall System add beauty to the landscape at Brown Junior High School, but it helps to control the decorative rock, gravel, and soil, improves the overall look of the site, and reduces the impact on the school’s already busy staff – no more sweeping or rock collecting! The school? They’re happy! So happy, in fact, that they served breakfast to Troop 569 the morning of the project, and hope that Jordan and his fellow Boy Scouts will return for many more projects at Brown Junior High.

After hours of work, the finished project.

(With pavers left over!)

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