Pavestone Repairs the Columbine Memorial in Littleton, Colorado

by Pavestone on December 15, 2010

Unsafe concrete at the Columbine Memorial, which memorializes the victims of the April 20th, 1999 shooting at Columbine High School, was to be replaced in October of 2010 as a quick, two-day project. The demolition contractor caused more damage to the memorial site rather than repairing it, turning the two-day project into a two-month event.

Unsafe concrete at the Columbine Memorial in Littleton, CO.


After learning of the situation at the Memorial, Pavestone District Manager Ryan Sawyer facilitated the donation of more than a thousand square feet of Pavestone product, as well as the installation of the pavers.

Ryan shared that the Memorial project would not have been possible without the generosity and willingness of the retail sales team to get the job done so late in the season. When they discovered that the contractor had backed out of the installation they were already in the midst of their busy November schedule. The team worked diligently to get ahead of their obligations and fit the Columbine project into the schedule the week following Thanksgiving to ensure the Memorial was completed and reopened with as little interruption as possible. Ryan was very proud of his group and felt fortunate to be able to work with such a dynamic team. The project wouldn’t have been possible with the help of Frederick Hixson, a Southern Colorado sales rep, Lucas Barry, a Southeast Arizona sales rep, Matt Abbott, a Northern Rocky Mountain sales rep, and Randy Scoles, a Central Colorado sales rep.

Pavestone and Home Depot Volunteers at the Columbine Memorial

The project was completed with the donations and help of Home Depot, Santa Fe Sand & Gravel and Evans Trucking. Volunteers from Pavestone and Home Depot store #1519 finished the installation in late November, ensuring that the space at the Columbine Memorial would be remain not only safe, but beautiful as well.

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