Permeable Pavers – Not Just For Urban Environments

by Pavestone on December 3, 2009

This latest showcase was submitted by John Rowe from Pavestone’s Denver office.

Fort Morgan, a small agricultural town in northeastern Colorado, has incorporated 17,000SF of permeable pavers to their downtown renovation project. They chose EcoPriora Winter Blend for the field and utilize a bright Limestone color for parking lane demarkations. All of the parking places in a two block area are permeable — they look great and offer the city a fully functional driving service as well as a safe way to dispose of toxic runoff.

The runoff from the street as well a the parking places are all drained back into the subsoil where the toxins are filtered off as the water makes its way back into the subsoil well beneath the surface of the street. Rocky Mountain Hardscapes installed the pavers in only two weeks and are very impressed on how easily this paver system is put into service.

If you would like your Pavestone project shown on our blog, just send me an email with pictures and details.

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