Eco-Priora Pavers Used in Project of the Month

by Pavestone on February 17, 2010

Pavers: Eco-Priora Pavers

Paver Contractor: Rocky Mt. Hardscapes – Denver, Colorado

General Contractor: ECI Site Management – Loveland, Colorado

Owner: The City of Fort Morgan – Brighton, Colorado


For over a decade, officials for the City of Fort Morgan debated the necessity of updating the City’s Downtown Main Street Shopping District. In concert with an undersized and antiquated drainage system, persistent flooding from rain and snow melt regularly damaged store fronts, impacting existing businesses and sending potential tenants elsewhere. While it was apparent to the City Council and Mayor Jack Darnell that a solution was needed, there was some debate on what should be included in the scope of the project.

The overriding necessity of the project was addressing the outdated and undersized infrastructure. Some storm water pipes were over 40 years old, several sections were obsolete and often piecemealed together. The poor condition of the existing pavement and the desire for updated landscaping drove the city to several upgrades, including permeable pavers. According to Pat Merrill, City Manager, “We needed to utilize pavers to assist with drainage, as well as for the aesthetic qualities.  Pavestone had an excellent reputation and the price was right!”

fortmorgan8-13-2009-3 18,000 square feet of Eco-Priora pavers were installed in designated parking areas directly in front of the Main Street Shopping District.  The location of these pavers would not only    eliminate store front flooding, but would nearly eliminate the potential for icing.  Snow melt would immediately infiltrate through the Priora paver joint, significantly reducing the need and associated costs of deicing salts.  If deicing is required, aggregate layers within the permeable paver base acts as a filter, cleansing the infiltration and reducing possible contaminates.  Another feature of the Fort Morgan Streetscapes is the use of pavers as striping.  While the bulk of the field pavers are Winter Blend, the City opted to use Limestone pavers as the parking stripes which will reduce the upkeep costs associated with painted lines.

The entirety of the project was completed in 88 days, ahead of schedule and on budget. Pat Merrill said at the end of the project” It exceeds our expectations and looks beautiful.”

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