Waste Recycling for 2010

by Pavestone on January 4, 2010

John Mandl, from our Kansas City, MO office, sent in an idea for recycling that they started in August of ’09 that we could all duplicate in 2010.

One of Spanish fork lift drivers suggested we obtain a paper recycle bin. Our plant had a lot of old printed material such as outdated catalogs, not to mention the regular paper products that were thrown in the trash, especially from our office.

Since August we have been recycling paper and so far this year we have received $895.00 from the re-cycle people. Not a lot of money of course, but at least  all that paper and printed material didn’t go to the trash dump. A lot of our employees are bringing their old newspapers and other paper recyclables here. Hope this catches on at other plants. We hope to start recycling aluminum soon. Lots of old aluminum plant parts can be recycled as well as cans and other items.

Think about what you could be recycling around your office, then take action like John did…it could make a positive impact on our environment and put some cash in your pocket. Happy New Year!

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