Work Safety – Use Common Sense When Cutting Stone Pavers

by Pavestone on January 27, 2010

All too often we get careless or in a hurry to complete a job when cutting stone pavers, and forget to use common sense when it comes to safety in the workplace. One instance happened recently, and was noticed by Heather Peters, who works for Pavestone’s commercial sales in the Phoenix area.

Heather said that the contractor in the pictures was doing a small mock up job for a local city, which is probably why he didn’t take the time to unload the saw and set it up properly. Instead, he stood on pavers stacked seven high to make the required cuts from the bed of his pickup truck. Luckily he did not slip, which could have been disastrous.

This is a friendly reminder to always use common sense when installing paver stones and to take the necessary time to make sure your work environment is safe. Remember to use all safety equipment required.

If you have any pictures of someone doing something like this that is “unsafe”, please send us the pictures. We’ll add them to this post, but will blur out the faces or names to protect the guilty.

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