CityLock® 4×16 10cm

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The CityLock® series of standard and permeable pavers includes a range of shapes to suit a variety of traffic conditions and base preparations. CityLock® units share a common joint design that eliminates bond line creep to enable installation patterns previously avoided in vehicular applications. The fine chamfers create a contemporary aesthetic and deliver a smooth rolling surface, making CityLock® ideal for mixed vehicular and pedestrian applications such as parking lots and local roads.

  • • Smooth surfaces and finely chamfered edges combine to create a sleek and contemporary look
  • • Linear shape easily forms stacked, runner, and a variety of herringbone patterns
  • • Suitable for medium vehicular applications, such as residential streets and commercial parking lots, with proper pavement design and installation
  • • Crenellated sidewalls interlock for herringbone-equivalent creep resistance to enable innovative installation patterns in vehicular applications
  • • Made of durable concrete that won’t decay, distort, or attract pests. Iron oxide pigments won’t fade with extended UV exposure. Meets or exceeds applicable requirements of ASTM C936 and C1782
Product number: 322

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