CityScape™ Detectable Warning 6×12 6cm

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The CityScape™ series delivers when cost-effective geometric design is specified. United by smooth surfaces, a joint which highlights shapes, and excellent interlock, CityScape™ creates interest, durability, and texture without high installation cost – many CityScape™ products can even be mechanically installed. Both CityScape™ and CityStone™ series feature a consistent look and in many cases modulate with each other.

  • • ADA-compliant truncated domes provide a detectable warning surface for the visually impaired
  • • Versatile 2:1 shape easily forms stacked, runner, basketweave, and herringbone patterns
  • • Suitable for light vehicular applications, such as residential driveways and parking stalls, with proper pavement design and installation
  • • Joints and surfaces meet ADA gap and lip page requirements
  • • Made of durable concrete that won’t decay, distort, or attract pests. Iron oxide pigments won’t fade with extended UV exposure. Meets or exceeds applicable requirements of ASTM C936 and C1782
Product number: 110126


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