Retani™ Wall Systems

RETANI™ is a complete suite of segmental concrete wall products. The RETANI™ line includes:
• Blocks designed for slope retention and freestanding applications
• Blocks designed for commercial, residential, and landscaping applications
• Rustic, straight, and other decorative faces to create the right look for your project
• Coordinating accessories such as caps, steps, and corner blocks


RETANI™ block dimensions, weights, and block-to-block and block-to-grid interfaces match those of various Anchor® blocks, as annotated herein. The blocks are made, with permission, to the same specifications using the same molds, mix designs, and dry-cast process, except RETANI™ RockFace blocks are split with a different process. RETANI™ is a trademark of The Quikrete® Companies, Inc. Quikrete® is a registered trademark of The Quikrete® Companies, Inc. Brighton Stone®, Diamond®, Diamond Pro®, Hampton Stone®, Highland Stone®, Vertica®, Vertica Pro®, and Anchor® are registered trademarks of Anchor® Wall Systems, Inc. The Quikrete® Companies, Inc. is not affiliated with Anchor® Wall Systems, Inc.