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Pavestone Eco-Venetian Stone™ II is the sustainable solution for modular multi-shape permeable pavements. The square and rectangular shapes with their cleft surfaces set it apart from other permeable pavement treatments. The texture resembles stone facing while the Eco-Venetian Stone™ II’s larger scale lends itself to stately residential settings and more expansive commercial applications. Its modular pattern equalizes the scale of any architectural elements.

The product has an interlocking joint and a micro-chamfered top edge profile. This ingenuity, combined with the size of the paver, is singular to Pavestone’s permeable pavers and insures optimum pavement performance unequaled in the permeable paver industry. The profile has interlocking joints with a minimum of two vertically aligned horizontal interlocking spacer bars on each of its sides that allow surface water to infiltrate into the pavement and its sub-layers. With initial average permeability flow rates of over 150 inches per hour, the Eco-Venetian Stone™ II product, even with a 90% clogging factor, will meet the majority of current storm water management plans (SWMP). This optimum interlocking function resists lateral and vertical displacement when the unit is exposed to vehicular loading.

The micro-chamfered top edge profile produces a horizontal edge-to-edge dimension that is nominally 6mm including installation gapping. This small joint complies dimensionally with current ADA requirements for walking surfaces with spaces no greater than 1/2 inch. This narrow jointed surface diminishes vibration for wheelchairs and shopping carts when compared to other permeable paving products. Eco-Venetian Stone™ II can assist in meeting current EPA storm water regulations and LEED certifications. The Eco-Venetian Stone™ II product best achieves the balance of aesthetic segmental paving and the function of permeable pavement.

Product number: 682


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