Frequently Asked Questions

For more specific information, see Patio Stone Facts, Edger Facts, Retaining Wall Facts and Paver Facts.

Pavestone General FAQ

How much do I need to order?

Depending on the product you have chosen and the size of your project, Pavestone has put together a Materials Project Estimator that will be able to guide you through calculating what you will need for your particular project. Also the salespeople at many of the fine retail stores carrying Pavestone products can assist you in figuring your project.

How do I order Pavestone products that the stores do not stock?
Most stores will have a special order program for non-stock items. Please check with a store representative for product availability in your area.

Where is the nearest store that I can buy Pavestone products?
The Where to Buy link on our website links you to an online store locator to assist you in finding a retailer or a distributor in your area. You may also call the nearest Pavestone manufacturing plant for assistance in locating a retailer or dealer in your area.

Do you install?
Pavestone does not install but we have many quality contractors that have been buying from Pavestone for years that are highly qualified to do installations. If you would like to get a list of these contractors and a guide to hiring a quality contractor just call Pavestone, request a list and it will be sent to you.

What if, after many years with a Pavestone landscape, I wanted to change the look and design?
Since all of our products are mortarless and can be picked up and reused, it is fairly simple to redesign your landscaping using the same pieces again. Unlike cement or other type products it allows for a lot easier changing of product look or product type if you so choose as well.

How do I cut Pavestone products?
In most cases you can use a 3 inch masonry chisel and a hand sledgehammer as well as a guillotine splitter. Some of the Pavestone products, such as patio stone, edging products, and wall products, can be cut with a circular saw and a masonry blade. When you make cuts on the Pavestone pavers it is recommended that you use either a guillotine splitter or for more precision cuts a wet saw with a diamond tip blade. Because the pavers are of such high strength and quality the use of a diamond tip blade is required. Using a masonry blade will wear it down in just one or two cuts.

Do the colors fade?
Pavestone uses high quality pigment to color its concrete pavers, and manufactures them in compliance with industry standards. The face colors of many of Pavestone’s pavers are achieved by using propriety color formulas and processes developed by Pavestone. As paver surfaces weather over time and become rougher, the original color may appear to change or soften. Physical wear to surfaces, caused by traffic, for example, may also cause the appearance of a change in the surface color of pavers.

Pavestone manufactures two types of pavers, through mix and face mix. For through mix pavers, the pigment is distributed throughout the entire paver. Pavers with face mix consist of two layers: the face mix, which contains the pigment, and the base mix (generally without any pigment). By using a face mix, Pavestone can offer pavers in some colors it’s unable to manufacture using a through mix. The face mix is typically about 7 to 10 millimeters thick – thick enough to offer a lifetime of wear. Pavers with through mix and those with face mix will react similarly to surface changes that result from weathering and use.

Can I add to my Pavestone project at a later date?
One great reason for using Pavestone products is because you can easily add to any type of project that you are doing with our products. In the case of pavers and patio stone all you will have to do is pull up your edge restraint and start adding to your project. If the colors show a little variance you can pull up a couple of rows of the old paved area and blend that in with the new pavers you are laying. If you want to add to an edging project you would just add on by digging more trench. With wall products you would stack more product on an existing wall if you haven’t reached its maximum height or dig more trench and add on. If the colors end up being a little off on these projects just follow the same procedure as the pavers and pull up some of the old product and mix in with the new.

Can I buy Pavestone direct from the factory?
None of our manufacturing locations are set up to be able to sell retail direct. That is why Pavestone has many quality retailers set up to carry Pavestone products. Often, they can special order what products they do not stock. To find a retailer near you, please use our Where to Buy Locator.