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Grasstone™ II is a versatile paver that is used for surface stabilization for both sloped and horizontal applications. This grid-like paver provides a sustainable solution to surface erosion allowing infiltration of water and the ability to establish vegetation. Grasstone™ II offers limited protection for erosion control of mild slopes and landscaping berms.

Grasstone™ II reinforces grass areas by providing a concrete matrix support combined with topsoil and vegetative cover. Grasstone™ II can be used for vegetated fire lane pavements when designed and constructed according to conventional pavement design. The layer of concrete pavers and organic materials should be constructed over a structural base course designed to carry the anticipated loads and repetitions. This system can provide substantial pavement strength to minimize rutting and create a suitable platform for intermittent vehicular use. Vegetation is recommended for maintaining environmental benefits. Civil engineering, according to local building codes and municipal requirements, may be required.

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