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The Hexacon™ product is a precast interlocking articulating concrete block used for erosion control protection in various hydrological applications. The Hexacon™ product is available in both open- and closed-cell configurations, offering the ultimate hydraulic stability and/or ecological benefit on critical or environmentally sensitive projects. Hexacon™ product may be installed as a preassembled mattress or placed individually by hand. The Hexacon™ block is used in conjunction with a geotextile fabric underlayment to provide scour protection and prevent soil loss. This system endows owners, designers and contractors with proven solutions to wide variety of erosion control problems. The Hexacon™ product has been proven in both laboratory and field applications since 1995. Time after time, the Hexacon™ system continues to provide economic, ecological and hydraulic value to projects for specifiers and end users alike.

Product number: 1864


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