Panorama™ Demi 3cm

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The Panorama™ series features rectilinear shapes, riven surfaces, and rounded edges which recall the timeless appeal of weathered cut flagstone. Designed for repeating random runner and ashlar patterns, Panorama™ Demi and Supra combos install quickly – they can even be combined to make a 6-piece pavement – and creates the aesthetic of historical Old World pavements. Panorama™ is available in a range of sizes and heights to suit overlay, vehicular, and large-format applications.

  • • Riven stone surfaces and softened edges create the natural look of weathered flagstone
  • • Designed to be installed in an efficient repeating runner or ashlar pattern, with equal numbers of 1/2, square, and 3/2 stones
  • • Suitable for pedestrian-only applications, such as patios and sidewalks, with proper pavement design and installation
  • • Joints and surfaces are designed to create a natural look, minimize furniture wobble, and meet ADA gap and lip page requirements
  • • Made of durable concrete that won’t decay, distort, or attract pests. Iron oxide pigments won’t fade with extended UV exposure
Product number: 365

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