PolySweep Polymeric Sand

  • PolySweep Install
  • PolySweep Install

The fine print

With PolySweep, Never Worry About Polymeric Sand Haze, Ever Again.


  • Guaranteed Not to Haze since 2008
  • Superior & Long Lasting Cohesive Strength
  • Fast Set Up, 60 Minutes or Less
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Ideal for both Residential & Commercial
  • Made in USA


PolySweep is guaranteed not to haze when installed following the directions.  Feel confident knowing your hardscape project and reputation is safe with the haze free brand:  PolySweep Polymeric Sand.  PolySweep, available in tan and gray, is made for joints up to ¾” and X-Treme Wide Joint Polysweep, available in russet brown and gray, is designed for joints up to 4”.