ProMelt® Cables

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The fine print

ProMelt cables give you more flexible layout options than mats, especially for areas with larger dimensions.

As with ProMelt Mats, the heating elements are surrounded with the same high-temperature ETFE and engineered polyurethane outer jacket for long life and jobsite toughness, including installation in asphalt.

ProMelt cables are usually tied to reinforcing wire 3 or 4 inches on center. That provides either 50 or 38 Watts per square foot. ProMelt cable can go perimeter to perimeter or fill odd-shaped areas for complete snow melting coverage.

There are a lot of ProMelt cable sizes in stock in four single-phase voltage options. All the cables terminate at one end with a power lead so you only make one connection to your electrical source.

ProMelt cables carry a 10-year limited warranty.