ProMelt® Mats

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The fine print

ProMelt mats melt snow and install quickly. All you need for a typical small-to-medium size project is a control and mat. And a ProMelt system only costs about $4.00 per 100 sq. ft. to operate for a typical snowfall (50 Watts/sq. ft. operating for 8 hours at $0.10 per KW-hr).

ProMelt heating elements are surrounded with high-temperature ETFE insulation and the engineered polyurethane outer jacket tolerates 300ºF (149ºC) asphalt and the machines that roll it in place.

Each mat holds dual heating elements on 3 inch centers on a reinforced tape grid. There’s a grounded power lead on one end for a fast, single-point electrical connection.

Mats come in two energy outputs:
•120 & some 240 VAC mats are 38 Watts/Sq. Ft.
•208, 277 & some 240VAC mats are 50 Watts/Sq. Ft.

ProMelt has more sizes and more options than any electric snow melting system. Standard size widths are 2feet and 3 feet. You can order mats to cover from 10 to 112square feet. Our catalog lists 60 standard sizes. Call us if your job requires custom sizes.