Surebond Sealers and Cleaners

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Choosing interlocking paving stones for your home is an investment that needs to be protected. Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealer does just that by bonding joint sand and sealing the pavement surface. Bonding joint sand maintains the structural integrity of the system – stones won’t move, sand won’t wash out and weed and ant problems are reduced. All while sealing the surface to protect it from oil, salt and food staining, as well as, maintaining the natural color of the stone.

Features & Benefits of Water-Based Sealers and Joint Sand Stabilizers:
• Immediate Application – The only sealers that can be applied immediately after paver installation.
• Coverage – An average of 100 sq ft / gallon and last 3 to 5 years Indoors and Outdoors, on Old and New pavements, Concrete, Clay and Natural Stone Paving.
• UV Resistant – Will not yellow.
• Breathable – Will not trap naturally occurring efflorescence.
• Resists freeze – Thaw damage and will improve surface durability.
• Solvent Free – Meets or exceeds all VOC and EPA standards.

Maintains joint sand height, reducing weed growth
Maintains horizontal friction by bonding the sand between units.

Features & Benefits of Stainblocking Sealer:
• Protective – Resists a wide variety of penetrants including water and oil.
• VOC compliant – 50 g/l and safe to use.
• Environmentally friendly – Water-based product will not harm plants or surrounding landscape.
• Invisible – Does not change the appearance of the substrate.
• UV resistant and stable – Does not yellow in sunlight and protects substrate from fading.