VizTerra 3D Professional Landscape Design Software

VizTerra Professional Landscape Design Software

Pavestone is pleased to announce that our products are now available directly in VizTerra, 3D professional landscape design software from Structure Studios.

In today’s market customers expect state-of-the-art 3D technology when buying. VizTerra’s fully interactive 3D presentation allows you to take your customer on a tour of the finished project before the first paver is ever laid.

The unique “Instant 3D” presentation system allows you to draw hardscapes, planters, structures and more in flat 2D and instantly present in interactive 3D. Customers can tour the project and experience key details such as hardscapes, irrigation and lighting before any construction begins. The realistic presentation even allows the customer to see how their design appears at different times of day, from morning to night. VizTerra members close 30% more leads and sell 20% more on every project.

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